Why I should work with a Tyridge Coach?

Leaders have never had more to achieve with less resources at their disposal. Once frowned upon as only applying to low achievers and poor performers, coaching is now being used by Senior Managers and High Performers to stay ahead of the competition and move their performance from good to great. Using Tailored methodologies, Tyridge works with Executives, Business Owners and New Leaders to maximise their potential and performance.

Tyridge offers two coaching programs – The Developing Executive and The Senior Executive.

Contact us to discuss the program that best works for you.

Coaching Programs

The Developing Executive

Designed for new leaders the program works on developing financial and strategic acumen, along  with leadership capabilities.

Financial Acumen:

Clients develop the ability to analyze and interpret financial statements, and then apply relevant financial ratios to develop a deep understanding  of a companies performance.

Strategic Acumen: 

Clients are exposed to strategic toolkits and develop the capability to scan the  external environment to identify strategic priorities through the effective use of strategic assets.

Leadership Development: 

Clients are taken through a variety of leadership styles  and  compare and contrast  the transactional and transformative styles to understand their own defaults and how to encourage and embed change.

The Senior Executive

Designed for Senor Managers currently seeking to maintain a competitive advantage through their ongoing personal and professional development. Clients are taken through the Establish, Enable, Enact and Coach process to address complex problems, develop high levels of self awareness and fast track their own development along with their subordinates and organizations.
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